biCredit view:Fewer than half of millionaires own one bitcoin

Gemini co-founder and Bitcoin billionaire Cameron Winklevoss tweeted: There are 46.8 million millionaires in the world. There are only 21 million #Bitcoin — less than half will ever be able to own 1 bitcoin. Don’t miss the revolution.

Emerging blockchain and crypto technologies are facilitating decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) data networking, thereby eliminating the need for central control and diminishing the value of aggregator-distributor platforms. These decentralized networks are engendering new revenue-sharing business models amongst the P2P upstream content/data creators and downstream content/data consumers by distributing more of the profits currently being monopolized by the entrenched centralized aggregators-distributors. Creators can now have the right to own and be compensated for their data through smart contracts that automatically pay based on pre-set terms.

With flexibility and independence becoming paramount, the Gig economy is becoming a global mainstay. According to an Intuit 2020 report, 80 percent of large US companies plan to use a flexible nontraditional workforce. In addition, Harvard Business Review has reported that approximately 150 million people in the US and Western Europe work as independent contractors. In an era of technological change, demographic shifts, and economic uncertainty, companies are looking into enhancing their competitive posture by building a flexible workforce.


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